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  recipe from sabaragamuwa for the sinhala new year 

This is the recipe for the most important dish of the Sinhala/Hindu New Year celebration meal partaken by folks in Sabaragamuwa...
I learnt this from my mother..Usually this is the main dish we prepare for the auspicious time celebrating new year rituals in Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. It contains seven main ingredients representing leaves, nuts, yams, stems, fruits, vegetables and considered as a vegetarian  preparation but you can add flakes of Maldive fish (උම්බලකඩ)

Seven Ingredients are:

Ash Plantain -අලුකෙහෙල්
long beans-මෑ කරල්
aubergine -වම්බටු
sweet potato-බතල
Jack fruit nuts කොස් ඇට
young leaves of pumpkin- වට්ටක්කා දලු

Usually the quantities of the above ingredients are depending on the number of people share the new year meal and in our house we cook this for 10 to 15 guests and family members. If you consider using 500g each of the main ingredients (except the pumpkin leaves of which you need only 100g) the meal will be enough to serve 10 to 15 people.

Prepare all the ingredients in the usual way you cook them as curry (break the pumpkin leaves by hand into one inch long pieces).
Place all the main ingredients in a large pot and add red onions, green chili, garlic, cinnamon, penugric seeds, turmeric powder, non roasted curry powder, chili powder and flakes of Maldive fish, proportionately for the volume of the whole dish as you prepare a vegetable curry, and mix them well.
Add second extract of milk from a medium size coconut but keep in mind the vegetables create juices when they cook so do not add lot of water into the second extract.
Cook on medium heat until the nuts are soft and add the first extract of the coconut and simmer down until the gravy become creamy.

This dish is very well goes with Milk Rice for breakfast with Sinhalese Achcharu and will be the main curry for your New Year lunch Menu.


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    1. පිලිතුරු පමා උනාට සමා වෙවා මාතේ....රොබෙට් නොක්ස් ගෙන් තමයි අහන්න වෙන්නෙ...සමන් දෙවාලේ තේවාවට හත්මාලුව හදනවා කියලා නම් පොඩිකාලේ අහලා තියෙනවා....අපිනම් අලුත් අවුරුද්දට විතරමයි ගෙවල්වල හත්මාලුව උයන්නේ....

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  3. Hey machan, chef-arch, I 've been reading your comments in other blogs and wanted to read your blog. Though our paths never crossed I think you and I are the same age.
    So here I start reading your blog from the beginning. (As time permits of course)

    Thanks for this 'yummy-sounding' recipe.

  4. Hey Dude, Thanks for the visit macho. I may be bit older than you bro, just turned 53 yesterday.....I've been reading your writing for a long time macho....cheers


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