Tuesday 9 April 2013

the begining

akki needs/wishes to restart her cooking again and said this..."...papa whenever u find u r stuck in a place, Colombo or sapthapadhi...maybe u can start to write down cooking recipes?? just a tot. ...when u find u got nothing to do 'wage' and here I go with my new blog....hopefully one day HB and Mel will read this and be happy, because they were the first friends who started calling me "chef-architect"...why....you know....

so akki..this is for you...

as I told you when we were preparing  dinner last night...remember it is so easy to prepare srilankan meals as long as you know how to handle the ingredients and I will guide you step by step, day by day, like achchi who taught me how to stir a kirihodda, or to cut wambatu....

there are very few spices (dry and say green) we use..for veggies...and they are;

Green spices
  • green chili
  • red onions (Rathu Lunu)
  • Bombay onions (Rata Lunu)
  • garlic
  • curry leaves
  • rampa (pandan leaves)
Dry Spices (in powder format or otherwise as indicated)
  • turmeric (kaha)
  • red chili powder
  • thunapaha (non roasted)powder
  • black pepper powder
  • penugeric (uluhaal) seeds
  • cinnamon (sticks)
  • aba (mustard Powder)
  • cardamon
  • claws
  • Maldive fish pieces (umbalakada)
The above are for veggies and there are some more like goraka, sera (lemon grass), siyambala (tamarind) etc we use for fish and meat curries which I will explain later.

Before you start cooking, you must have a sense of menu planning. Which means to select the right combination of dishes whether it is for lunch or dinner. When we go on this journey together we both will find out what we can serve together for lunch and dinner.

I will think of a very simple menu and publish in my next post how to prepare it. Then, you have to prepare that menu and send me a photo after you serve it to nangi and malla. Then only I will post the next one. It is a challenge for both of us but lets do this...
see you tomorrow.


  1. Thankoooooo Pa.....very exciting stuff.
    Yes I remember the basic ingredients for all curries....told Supun as well.
    Waiting for the next one ;p

  2. Wonderful start! I look forward to seeing more and perhaps even trying to make some things myself, provided I can get the ingredients in the UK.

  3. Hi,

    Amazing how ingredients and styles of cooking are so different and yet so comfortably similar to what I am used to...looking around for the the ingredients ( or substituions ) Keep on Blogging!!! You have got me intrigued!!!
    Anita Thomas


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